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God does not only speak to believers. He also speaks to unbelievers through dreams 😴💭. Pharaoh was not a believer yet God showed him a dream. How about abimelek who talked back to God in a dream.

Visions reveal God but Dreams reveal his plan. Now you must know that not all dreams are from God.

Stars ⭐ represent the Jews and…Read more

If you are in Rwanda or have contacts in Rwanda, let me show you the easiest way to become a Millionaire step by step.
If you have an Android phone, Get this bank app, and get your account number.
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I don’t hate people at all. Even those control hypocrits, I don’t hate them, I love them all but I don’t want them to store grudges in my heart, that’s why I spit out all their shit upfront. I hate what they are doing to Ye.


If you fall for that crap, I will just slap you in the face. These sell outs are laying strategies to persecute Christians. What’s more hateful than chopping someone’s head off. When people talk about that, they call it Islamaphobia.
If you chose to eat on the devil’s table, change address. Go and live i hell period. Let…Read more

Elon musk will be standing for the American presidency. After winning it, he will get his Afro American gang and fly back to Africa. Enough of the hypocritical freaks.
That is the direct link to my activity page. I read every post you write on it. Don’t forget to send me a friendly request. I will accept it and also subscribe to you. Have a good morning in the United States.

Don’t ever lock God to the bible because, The bible starts in the beginning but before the beginning there was God. It was God who started the beginning in the first place. Never limit God to revelation written in ink. He is far greater than that.

I had some preachers saying God can not kill. The credited every killing to Satan. Jesus said the…Read more
If you’re seeing this via the feels, just click on the above link to join our Tiktok group. Before the option for you to post anything appears, you need to click on join group button. That button only appears to loged in users.

How Do I Start Earning From GrabPoints?

Signing up is free, and almost anyone in the world can be a member as long as they are 13 years old and over. Having a reliable internet connection is encouraged for some of the tasks like watching videos and downloading apps.

A word of caution though: only one account per household is allowed I’ve known some members who have attempted to use a VPN to rack up even more points, but they were detected and subsequently banned from the site

How Do I Start Earning From GrabPoints?

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