Many could to vey curious to know the history of Cash Chat, a company silently merging expanding uniform financial infrastructure.

There’s only one reason why Cash Chat affirms not to be in for competition. Why would they be in the first place, considering that they are trying to solve a problem which many are less concerned about. Making all African currencies to speak the same digital language while maintaining their identity. Since the company launched in 2016 as Boldcash, it has never advertised. That’s why you have not heard about cash chat until now.

I have come across multiple cash chat accounts that have millions in earnings. Whenever you see earning on a cash chat bank account, that implies a commission received for anyone activating using that sponsor code. The commission is deposited on the sponsor code which is also the account number.

According to 256 business news

A group of young Ugandans have launched CashChat, a digital and social network application with financial technology embedded within it.

Speaking at Irekela Place Hotel in Kampala on Friday, co-founder, Asher Namanya, said CashChat will help users to do more than social networking on the internet. “It has an inbuilt wallet in the chat, money transfers, wallet to wallet, airtime top-up, withdraws to mobile, bill payments, member savings, sponsored ads-to all users, instant chats one-on-one and group participants of up to 1000 members among other things,” Namanya said.

Subscribing for a CashChat account/E- wallet costs UGX75,000 ($20) and is a one-time subscription. “Unlike the current social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter and Instagram among others, CashChat is here to close the digital gap in the social network and finance. It will combine both finance and social network features to improve user experience,” Edgar Ofoyuru, the other co-founder said.