Loans tend to accumulate over time such that you end up paying far much more than people with bigger loans. If anyone tells you that avoiding loans is the best way to get rid of loans when you are facing some loans, wrong advise. You should absolutely never attempt to take it because they actually have no idea about what they are talking about.

It’s so sad today that banks depends on written programs to determine who qualifies for loans. I can assure you that a recession was set in motion the moment robotic programs started deciding who should take a loan, who shouldn’t. Banks can not survive without anybody taking loans. It therefore leaves me puzzled as to why loan issuers exterminate their clients by abandoning them in the midst of their mess.

How to eliminate expensive loans

I blame it on relying employees who crammed their educational syllabus to qualify for their positions. All financial institutions need to search out for strategists from among their clients instead of relying on people who have never obtained a single loan. How people who have idea on how to play with a loan until it’s paid up make realistic decisions.

It has to be the bankers and loan clients that should work closely together to ensure that both parties have continuity. It’s like a monkey burning all forests for banks to issue out loans to clients with the intension of failing them. That’s exactly what’s happening today. Someone takes a loan of 20 years and if 2 years out of 20 go bad, the client could be terminated. No consideration is taken even if the client still had over 15 more years to complete the loan. That’s pure madness, and it’s for that reason that a dark cloud rooms over the banking system.

We have witnessed many banks collapsing, and vital for clients to know that having more than 10 million in a single bank is a grave risk. A maximum of 10 million is the only money insured incase a bank goes bankrupt. You automatically suffer loss of anything above that.

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