Ever since Mark escaped to the metaverse, Facebook continues to wordle downwards

Could it be that Mark did not reserve any strategists while firing over 10 000 employees. Facebook is now managed like my daughter’s blog page. Since when did the giant social media platform become scared because a few hundreds of traffic is being driven away from the platform to simple blogs. It’s so shameful but many of you must have realised it by now. Backlinks are completely disabled and a few link back if one insists to follow the link.

Even google has also started doing the same on some of it’s platforms like the playstore. Who has really bewitched this tech giants to the extent that they can’t contain their greed. Many apps have been removed a few users of those apps also clicked a link to other platforms owned by the app developer. Could this be a sign that these old brains are completely expired, and now there’s room for new heroes like the ceo of Rumble.

Facebook Continues To Wordle As Google Imitates

I definately don’t count TikTok among those new brains except if the moderation that exist on the platform is simply malicious. I can guarantee that if no rapid changes are implemented in the way Tiktok is manipulated, the platform won’t survive outside china beyond 18 months from now. Although the developers had a genuine approach in making the platfoprm popular, I suspect that a lot of malicious workers got employed to destroy the platform from within.

What will happen if a bunch of fired former facebook employees end up at Facebook? What if that was the reason they were fired in the first place? When platforms that were developed to help people are left in the hands of arrogant, heartless individuals, simply because they learned to write codes. By all means this current confusion is bound to emerge.

Facebook Continues To Wordle

Many of you have a heart to ease human pain and hardship. That is the best requirements to build a great platform. You don’t need to know even a single code to have a platform like facebook or YouTube. Just imagine how you can live a comfortable life as a reward for providing sustainable comfort to many. A few money thirst coders will be paid to develop your Idea, and it will be a great idea to fire them once the work is done.

Any platform is simply as good as the person behind it and not because of the user interface.

To be continued..

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