Applisted is an IT organisation registered in Sweden as Applisted with the organisation number as 802535-8014. The organisation was registered in 2021, and is about to advance to operating fulltime.

The organisation is open for membership to both individuals and organisations that share a passion for making the lives of people better. Better living preserves the environment, and that’s our strategy.

More about us

Applisted identifies and makes great ideas manifest through network building. Great ideas originate from the heart not the head that’s why academic qualifications absolutely don’t count in Applisted. The willingness to learn, and the ability to take action is the highest qualifiaction in the organisation.

Creating income generating opportunities through information technology for all is basically the center core of Applisted.

How we get funding

Applisted has never got any funding despite various efforts to raise revenue to secure hosting platforms. This passion of combating financial ignorance and simplifying online opportunities for all to benefit, has been entirely sponsored by the founder until now.

appsite is a publisher channel for Applisted

Find all Applisted apps on Appsite

The organisation’s sustainable costs are currently at €100,000 and yet in the tax reporting for the completed financial year, the income is €0. All this funding was raised by the founder obataining personal loans, and combining it with personal salary.

Applisted recently decided to start building an afilliate Community to raise commissions. The much scaleable hosting package costs €245 per months. All the site features can not be executed currently on this single platform.

Jobcity sweden broke down in April this year despite running on a 3core ultimate unlimited package.

Note: All projects listed on Applisted belong respectively to whoever has the legal right any particular moment. That’s why Applisted is currently on the blockchain.

We help people become better not to own them. Entry might cost you a token but exit is absolutely free.


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